Rules & Regulations

By entering the Sk8erz Roller Skating Rink area, you are voluntarily agreeing to abide by all of the Rules and Regulations set forth by the establishment and it’s Staff.

2. If you choose to bring your own inline or quad skates, they must be approved by a Sk8erz Staff Member before you enter the Rink area. Only indoor quads or indoor inline skates with polyurethane wheels are allowed on the Rink floor.
3. There is absolutely NO food or beverages of any kind allowed on the Rink floor at any time.
4. There is absolutely NO chewing gum allowed anywhere on the Rink floor or on the surrounding carpeted area at any time.
5. Horseplay of any kind, pushing, shoving, etc. will not be tolerated.
6. Skaters MUST follow the flow of traffic as indicated by the Sk8erz Attendants.
7. NO skates are allowed on dance floor area in the center of the rink.
8. Only Sk8erz Staff may enter the DJ booth area.
9. Young children must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian at all times.
10. Improper use of Skate Mates or any other Skating equipment will not be tolerated.
11. All Sk8erz Roller Skating Rink participants must submit a completed Waiver before entering the Rink area. Waivers can be downloaded here or filled out online here.